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Common Signs

Adolescence is a stressful period for everyone, however, if you notice changes in your child's sleep and/or eating patterns, nervousness, irritability over-sensitivity to criticism, fatigue, increased illnesses, absenteeism, depression or social withdrawal, your child may be suffering from a stress disorder.

How To Avoid Problems

Be sure that your adolescence is eating well-balanced meals and is getting adequate rest. Monitor his or her schedule. Is he/she taking on more than he/she can handle in school or with extracurricular activities? Help your child develop "coping skills" and be able to recognize and resolve conflicts.

What To Do If You Have Problems

Be alert to your child's behavior. If his/her stress is related to a specific problem, taking over may help. Never turn down your child's request to talk to matter how busy you are. If your teen is unduly troubled by the pressures of adolescence in general, seek professional counseling.