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Common Signs

If your child has an eating disorder, he/she may lose up to 25% of his/her weight or believe that he/she is fat even if underweight. Obsession with exercise to burn calories is common. He/she may eat large quantities of food in isolation, then induce vomiting or his/her face may seen puffy or swollen in spite of weight loss

How To Avoid Problems

Eating disorders are often a sign of low self esteem and may be associated with fears about growing up. Bolster your child with encouragement and praise. Let him/her know that no one is perfect, including yourself. Educate your child about the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, good nutrition and health

What To Do If You Have Problems

If your child suffers from an eating disorder, professional guidance is needed, since these disorders usually indicate more serious underlying problems. Seek the help of a trained counselor.