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Common Signs

Drug users frequently use eyedrops or wear dark glasses. Hiding drug paraphernalia (vials, rolling papers, pipes of all kinds, roach clips). Show radical mood swings, poor judgement, spaciness, a drop in grades and isolation from the family. They may make frequent trips to the bathroom and use incense to hide odors

How To Avoid Problems

Educate your child about drug use. Setting a good example is the best way to give your child a healthy attitude towards drugs. Know who your child's friends are, where he/she will be, what he/she will be doing and when will he/she return. Invite your child's friends to your home to provide a safe place to hang out.

What To Do If You Have Problems

When your child is "straight", state your position about drug use, your family rules and the consequences of breaking those rules. If your child still uses drugs, seek professional help for him or her.